NetZealous LLC Modes of Professional Trainings

Professional trainings are a different kettle of fish when it comes to training modes. While regular, traditional modes of trainings have relied on the classroom or related mediums; professional trainings are different. This is because the participants are people who are already in a profession and have little time for the pursuit of a regular course.

Moreover, they are professionals who have a good idea of the fundamentals of their discipline and need trainings to satisfy and serve a specific purpose. Usually, these are in the form of clarifications about a rule from a regulatory or legal body. Or, they could be about the introduction of a new rule. They could also be about the ways of interpreting and applying a particular update.

It is in situations such as these that modes of professional trainings assume extreme significance. Being a reputable provider of professional trainings; NetZealous LLC has its pulse on the market need. It offers trainings that are perfectly suited for the need of today’s professional on the move. It is with the knowledge of these learning needs that NetZealous LLC has formulated different modes of professional trainings.



Webinars: These are short duration, live or recorded sessions at which the Expert carries out a learning session.

These are flexible and convenient, as they are online and thus available at the touch of a button from the participants. They facilitate direct interaction with the Expert to have any doubts cleared. NetZealous LLC’s webinars also offer the option of allowing the participant to talk up close with the Expert.

Seminars: And then, there are seminars. In many instance, the Expert may be required to explain a particular topic in detail, when it would be necessary to bring that Expert in close contact with the audience, in the form of seminars that are in person and live.



Since these are more detailed, they are spread over two days, and the participants have complete ease of interaction with the Expert. They also get to interact with peers in their industry and profession, helping them builds social networks in their professions.

Consulting Services1


Consulting: When the number of participants is too high or the organization has a particular, focused area that needs clarification; NetZealous LLC organizes in-house trainings and in-house Consulting. By this mode, the Expert and the participants, usually from an organization, meet up at a predetermined venue and have their areas of concern addressed.